Partner with Integrity Administrators, Inc. to receive personalized service and achieve health care cost-savings success.

We opened our doors as a small family run Taft-Hartley administrator.

Over the years, we have grown from this two-group administrator to overseeing the benefit plans for several hundred groups and several thousand lives. With decades of experience, our staff, headed by a third generation administrator, provides quality service that our clients can trust.

Today, Integrity Administrators, Inc. provides services to a variety of firms ranging in size from just a few to thousands of employees. Our staff is trained in conducting successful enrollment programs, eligibility verification, claims processing, technological operations, plan management, risk management, plan documents & summary plan descriptions, government compliance reporting, identification cards & administrative forms designing and employer reporting.

Let us customize a benefit plan specifically for you. The result is valuable coverage and cost savings with added control and flexibility.







Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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