Our staff is trained in conducting successful enrollment programs, eligibility verification, claims processing, technological operations, plan management, risk management, plan documents, summary plan descriptions, identification cards, administrative forms and employer reporting systems.


With our extensive experience and commitment to quality service, we ensure we meet your goal of making benefit administration as streamlined and efficient as possible.  While profits are important for any privately-owned and operated firm, Integrity Administrators recognizes that "profits result only when a superior product is accompanied by superior service".


Let us customize a benefit plan (medical, dental, Rx, vision and/or life) specifically for you.


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Integrity Administrators, Inc.



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Integrity Administrators Provides  

Complete Plan Services:

   -    Extensive Benefit Analysis

   -    Plan Design

   -    Excess Loss Carrier Selection

   -    Enrollment and Benefit Verification

   -    Claims Adjudication and Auditing

   -    Fund Accounting and Banking

   -    Coordination of Benefits / Subrogation

   -    Managed Care Coordination with Utilization Review

         and Preferred Provider Organizations

Integrity Administrators Provides Plan Management Reporting: 

   -    Monthly Aggregate / Specific Excess Loss Reports

   -    Monthly Check Register

   -    Monthly Paid Claims Register

   -    Benefit Analysis Report

   -    Coverage Analysis Report

   -    Claims Lag Study / Large Claims Analysis

   -    Eligibility Report

   -    Provider Payment Analysis

   -    Hospital Utilization Statistics

   -    Diagnosis Analysis

   -    Provider Comparison Analysis

   -    Loss Ratio Reports

   -    Length of Stay / Place of Stay Reports

   -    Ineligible Claims, Co-Payment, Deductible Analysis

Integrity Administrators has considerable expertise and insight into understanding the complexities of diverse industries and has developed self-funded plans for companies just like yours.  


Integrity Administrators provides services to a variety of firms ranging in size from a few employees to companies that employ thousands of individuals.