Integrity Administrators, Inc. has built customized health benefit

plans geared to keeping healthcare and other administrative costs

down while maximizing benefit coverage.

Benefit Plans

Integrity Administrators, Inc. is a long time third party administrator (TPA) specializing in the custom designing, implementation and maintenance of a wide-arrary of self-funded and partially self-funded health benefit plans.  



We deliver the services to help employers administer their plans.  These services include billing, eligibility, claims adjudication, payment on the employer’s behalf, customer service, medical management, provider network and pharmacy benefit management access.  


Our unique approach integrates claims administration with smart and proactive services to ensure

that the processing and payment of claims are performed with the highest accuracy and promptness.  


Integrity Administrators’ representatives are dedicated, accurate and prompt to provide solutions

to provider and member concerns.  You can also access your plan and claims data online 24/7. 

Partnering with Integrity Administrators, Inc.  

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Bottom line:  Our main goal at Integrity Administrators, Inc. is to offer the right plan for the right person in the right setting at  

the right cost.  We focus on connecting our clients with the best provider networks to ensure that they are getting the most for

their health care dollars.