DentAssure is a fully insured group dental plan for employers of 2 or more lives.

*Underwritten by


PPO Dental Insurance

Plans can be written as Voluntary or Contributory*  

*Voluntary plans at least 25% of the company's eligible employees and dependents must enroll.

Choice of PPO plan options utilizing the Premier-DHA PPO Network 

Plans cover preventative, basic and major dental services, including orthodontics   

Your choice of deductible ($0 to $100 per person) with no waiting periods available 


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Credit for prior year coverage for groups with 5 or more participants 

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Regular dental exams help employees stay healthier and more productive in the work place.  In fact, simple routine visits to the dentist which are usually covered 100% by insurers, help to detect serious underlying conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and others.  The National Association of Dental Plans and the Centers for Disease Control have performed studies that show that employees with Dental Insurance plans have better attitudes and are less likely to suffer from other medical issues.


Whether as a voluntary or paid benefit, employees appreciate both dental coverage as part of their Employee Benefits Package.

Freedom to use any dentist with no network restrictions

Why Employers Should Offer Dental Benefits to Your Employees?