A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account will let you set aside a portion of your paycheck tax free to pay for dependent care expenses.  Contributions are deducted from your paycheck prior to federal, state and social security tax being calculated. No taxes on your contributions provides you with additional take home pay. 

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Dependent Care Guidelines


Eligible Dependent Daycare Expenses

Child care service will qualify for reimbursement from the Dependent Care Account if the services meet the following requirements:

•      The child must be under 13 years old and must be your dependent under federal tax rules.  If your child turns 13 during the

            year, you cannot stop your contributions at that time.

•     The services may be provided inside or outside your home, but not by someone who is your minor child or dependent for

            income tax purposes (for example, an older child).

•     If the services are provided by a daycare facility that cares for six or more children at the same time, it must be a qualified

            daycare center.

•     The service must be incurred to enable you, or you and your spouse if you are married, to be employed.

•     The amount to be reimbursed must not be greater than the spouse's income or one-half your income, whichever is lower.

•     Services must be for the physical care of the child, not for education, meals, etc.  Kindergarten expenses must separate

           out the cost of custodial care from the cost of the education to be reimburse.

•    Allowable Dependent Care expenses include payments to the following when the expenses enable you to work.

       -    Child Care Centers

       -    Family day care providers

       -    Baby-sitters

       -    Nursery Schools

       -    Caregivers for a disabled dependent or spouse who lives with you


In-eligible Dependent Daycare Expenses

•      Dependent Care expenses that are provided to one of your dependents by a family member, unless the family member

              is age 19 or older by the end of the year and will not be claimed as a dependent for federal income tax purposes.

•      Expenses for food and lodging

•      Education expenses from Kindergarten on

•      Health care expenses for your dependents

•      Overnight camps

•      Transportation

Employer provided dependent care assistance is tax-free only if the following conditions are met:

1.    Each individual for whom you receive dependent care assistance is;

      a)    A dependent under the age of 13 whom you are entitled to claim as a dependent on your tax return,


      b)    A spouse or other tax eligible dependent that is physically or mentally incapable of caring for him or herself.

2.    The dependent care assistance is provided for the care of a dependent described above and is incurred to enable

             you to be gainfully employed.

3.    If the dependent care services are provided outside your household, they are

             incurred for the care of a dependent or who resides in your household.

4.    If the dependent care is provided by a dependent care center and the center

             complies with all applicable state and local laws and regulations.

5.    If the service is a camp provided service and the dependent does not stay

             overnight at the camp.

6.    Payment for the services are not made to a child of yours who is under the age

             of 19 at the end of the year for which the expenses are incurred or to an

             individual for whom you or your spouse is entitled to a personal tax

             exemption as a dependent.

7.    The reimbursement amount may not exceed $5,000 per calendar year per family.

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