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Integrity Administrators, Inc. has built a solid reputation as a Third-Party

Administration. We understand that flexibility and customization are key to

personal service for each of our clients.

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to design client specific plans.

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Integrity Administrators, Inc.



Integrity Administrators, Inc. is committed to providing each client with responsive, cost effective services aimed at achieving their healthcare objectives.  Our services include quality customer service, acurate eligibility, claims adjudication, payment on the employers behalf, compliance management, PPO network access and pharmacy benefit management. 


At Integrity Administrators, Inc. we are advocates for healthier living.  A member's benefit plan will consist of quality, affordable healthcare that is easy for employees to access and use. Our expertise and advice will help employers support their employees in leading healthy, productive lives.


Bottom line: Our main goal at Integrity Administrators, Inc. is to offer the right care for the right person in the right setting at the right cost.  We focus on connecting our clients with the best evidence-based medicine and helping to ensure that they are getting the most for their health care dollars. 


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  Value-Added Services  

 *  Benefit Plan Design

 *  Cost Analysis and Alternatives

 *  Provider Network Negotiations

 *  Employee Enrollment and Assistance

 *  Precertification and Eligibility Processing

 *  Consolidated Billing

 *  Claims Adjudication and Payments

 *  Management Analytical Reports

 *  Governmental Compliance Filings

 *  Plan Operational Reviews