Employee Census Data Report

A detail report of active employees along with their Group Employee Summary

by Gender, Age, Employee/Dependent and Plan Coverage.


Benefit Utilization Review

A group summary of the Benefit Utilization of all paid claims by benefit coverage codes for

your group.  The report lists the total claims for each coverage code for the previous month

and year-to-date by employees and dependents.


Benefits Paid By Month Report

A monthly summary of Number of Claims and Total Amounts by Claim Type

(Medical, Dental, Vision, Drug, ...) including Employee and Dependent Totals.


Claims Over Specific Analysis Report

A detail report of an individual's claims that are at 50% or higher level of the groups'

specific reinsurance amount.  The report shows the Insured and Claimant information

along with the Amount Paid and other detail and summary information for the selected

Incurred Dates and Paid Dates thru to year-to-date.


Group Aggregate Fund Report

An annual group summary of the Aggregate Plan Liability, Claims Paid and Specific

Reimbursements accumulated and displayed with monthly and year-to-date totals.


Employee/Dependent Benefits Paid Report

A summary report of Employee/Dependent Paid Claims in descending sequence of the

Total Benefits Paid with breakdowns by Claim Type (Medical, Dental, Vision, Drug, ...).


Insurance Company Disclosure Report

A detail report of claims information displaying Claim Number, Provider, Total Charged Amount,

Plan Paid Amount, Employee Paid Amount, Discounted Amount along with Incurred Date,

Paid Date, and diagnosis codes.

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At Integrity Administrators, we use WLT Software to manage the administration and claims adjudication requirements of our clients and supply the reports to our Brokers, Employers, and Providers.  WLT's core systems software was developed with the understanding that every organization has its own unique needs and requirements.  WLT's philosophy and flexibility allows WLT to proactively adapt to the changes and trends in the Benefits Administration industry.


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Listed below are some of the most commonly requested reports by Brokers.

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