Self-Funded ERISA Plans

Self-Funded Plans usually need Stop-Loss Insurance. Integrity Administrators has the expertise to secure Stop Loss contacts

which will limit the employer's risk while allowing it to retain control over claims and benefits.  Integrity Administrators can assist

you in determining whether you need a Specific policy, an Aggregate policy, or a  Combination of both.

Fully Insured Dental/Vision Plans

We have over 60 years experience in administrating Taft-Hartley Plans.  These plans can include Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Pension benefits.  


Taft-Hartley Welfare Health Plan

Stop Loss Insurance

Flexible Spending Account Plans

Premium Savings Account

Healthcare Reimbursement Account

Dependent Daycare Reimbursement Account

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Types of plans available:






In addition to the self funded plans, Integrity Administrators also offers a fully insured dental and

vision plans for small employers.  Our DentAssure Plan is underwritten by TruAssure Insurance.

DentAssure provides Quality Comprehensive Dental and Vision care for employers with 2 or more

employees using either Employer Funded or Voluntary plans.


Integrity Administrators offer PPO or Indemnity Dental Plans with varying deductibles and calendar year limits.   

Types of plans available:

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Consulting and Services


HRA plans are employer-funded medical reimbursement plans.  The employer sets aside a specific amount of pre-tax dollars for employees to pay

for health care expenses on an annual basis.  Based on the plan design, HRAs can generate significant savings in overall health benefits.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) placed new requirements

of employers and employees.  Integrity Administrators, Inc. has the expert knowledge to assist you with professional advise.

Employer sponsored Flexible Spending Account plans allow you to use pretax dollars to pay for your unreimbursed

healthcare, daycare and other eligible expenses and start taking home more money in your paycheck.

Traditional Healthcare is being replaced by Self-Funded plans to save thousands in premiums.  By taking a portion of the “risk”, the amount of risk is

determined by the employer, the savings can be substantial.  Employers can also customize their benefit plan to meet their employee’s needs.  

Integrity Administrators can design a benefit plan, secure provider networks, adjudicate claims, and provide a multitude of status reports. 

A fully insured High Deductible health plan can cut the premium price by half for an employer without sacrificing benefits when the employer

elects to self-fund the employee's deductible.  The self-funded deductible portion is handled by Integrity Administrators for the employer.

High Deductible Health Plans

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