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Overview of Services

Cost Saving Strategies

At Integrity Administrators we employ a wide range of cost saving strategies that work together to the advantage of all those we serve.




From the highest quality-of-care PPOs, PBM and other managed care networks offering significant negotiated discounts and flexibility, to highly effective utilization management and other cost control methods, our clients can be confident that group members will receive the most effective treatment, when it is needed and in the most cost-effective manner.  

In short, our unique approach integrates claims administration with smart and proactive health management initiatives and ensures the processing and payment of claims is performed with industry leading accuracy and promptness.  

Integrity Administrators has established itself as one of the leading TPAs in the western United States,

serving clients throughout California, Nevada, Washington and Alaska.  

We have built a solid reputation for excellence by consistently meeting our clients needs and in most instances, exceeding their expectations.

We attribute much of our success to understanding that flexibility and customization are key in delivering real value for our clients.  By coordinating a plan that fits our client’s needs, we free up their time so they can grow their business while being assured that their benefit plan is meeting the needs of their employees and is full compliance.  


Bottom line.  Integrity provides the personal service you’d expect from a family owned business, backed by the necessary resources, technology and strong partnerships to achieve claims payment accuracy of 99.5% in addition to significantly lowering our client’s overall group benefits’ costs.      

-Manage processing of claims for current and prior plan years.


- Bill by group and sub-groups to facilitate multiple locations and

departmental accounting.


- Incorporate unlimited, individually definable benefit schedules for

each plan.



Our TPA System Capabilities:

Tracking Limits

- We monitor and track plan limits and liabilities, as well as

  multi-level member and family deductible and coinsurance



- Set separate medical, mental health and substance abuse

  plan limitations.


- We set multiple stop-loss levels and  reinsurance limits.



- We administer and support medical, dental, vision, pharmacy

  and behavioral health plans.


- We support dual- and triple-option plans.


- Accomodate enrollment of multiple options such as

comprehensive major medical plans, PPO plan, HMO plans,      as well as ancillary coverages like dental, vision, pharmacy,     disability, life and AD&D plans.

Multiple Plan Option Support

Processing Features

-Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Pension

Our staff is trained in conducting successful enrollment programs,  

eligibility verification, claims processing, technological operations, plan management, risk management, and employer reporting systems. 

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